Immertive Pvt. Ltd is a Hyderabad based Company with proficiency in designing, creating and delivering highly immersive and interactive experiences using new age technologies of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) in the field of healthcare.

Immertive is developing a complete library of Skills Development Modules using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality based Medical Simulators that will allow an Interactive Digital Skills Curriculum to be available off the cloud to learners including healthcare practitioners, students across medical, nursing and allied health and the industry.

The Company brings together innovators, design thinkers and business strategists with several decades of combined expertise supported by a stellar advisory board.

The talented team at Immertive amalgamates:

to create a growing library of engaging, magical experiences – called “Immertive” experiences – delivered through a Cloud-based Virtual Reality LMS and an engaging Multiplayer VR Platform to connect doctors, nurses, allied health care givers and patients in the emerging Metaverse.

Immersive Experiences in Medical Education & Training

AImmertive is building its solution based upon Standardized Allied Health curriculum of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and Skills Development Council
BThe Immertive Virtual Learning Environment provides access to Virtual Classrooms Learning Experiences
CThe Highly Visual Content overcomes language and learning barriers engaging the learners
DVirtual Reality Based Clinical Scenarios let you move across Primary Care, Secondary Care, & Tertiary Care settings including ICCU & OTs where access is limited in real life
ERealistic Virtual Cases: Age, gender, ethnicity specific, based on real clinical data and Responsive physiology and Viewable pathology replace dumb (but expensive) mannequins
FLanguage Versions make the experiences locally relevant, have an international reach and shall create global impact
GThe future roadmap includes incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning within the Clinical Models with Predictive Clinical Pathways, Learning Analytics, Competency Assessment, Gap Analysis and Personalized Learning.