For the UNFPA, Immertive established state-of-the-art VR Labs at 3 places – at the National Midwifery Training Institute in Udaipur and the State Midwifery Training Institute in Jaipur, Rajasthan; and at the National Midwifery Training Institute in Patiala, Punjab. The ambitious project began with Immertive’s dedicated team conducting thorough site visits to understand the unique requirements of each location. Interactions with faculty and students provided valuable insights, shaping the tailored approach that Immertive adopted for each lab.

Seven Meta Quest headsets were installed in each lab, ensuring an immersive training experience. Immertive provided comprehensive training for educators, focusing on critical areas like normal delivery and PPH prevention.

Continuous improvement was prioritized through feedback collection from trainers and students. Additional modules on NSSK training for neonatal resuscitation will further enrich the labs’ offerings soon.

Immertive’s commitment extends to ongoing online support, ensuring seamless utilization of VR technology. This collaboration marks a significant advancement in healthcare education in India, promising improved outcomes in maternal and neonatal healthcare.