New Media and Technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are one of the most highly requested skill sets in jobs markets today – adding a medical dimension to this skill set makes you a very valuable human resource for companies that are emerging in this growing field. Getting started with a career in a nascent field like VR isn’t exactly straightforward. There are no established paths to follow. To succeed, you need to empower yourself with as much relevant information as you can find, so you can make informed decisions about how to proceed.

Immertive Labs is the Innovation Center for R&D and Training – it brings world-class resources to be available for education and skills development in emerging areas. The Post-Graduate Diploma and Skills Development Certificate courses are offered in affiliation with Universities such as the Jawarharlal Nehru Architechure & Fine Arts University, Hyderabad and the Martin Luther Christian University, Shillong.

Immersive Courses start out with an introductory foundation to a subject and build up over the course period to give you a deep understanding of all the core concepts as well as impart key skills that are required to be successful in the field. You will not just learn Face-to-Face from our in-house faculty, but also from a panel world-leading industry experts through our Interactive Virtual Classrooms.

Course Award Duration Accreditation
Medical Illustration PG Diploma 1 year JNAFAU*
Medical 3D PG Diploma 1 year JNAFAU*
Virtual & Augmented Reality Technologies PG Diploma
Instructional Design Certificate 3 months MLCU
User Experience Design Certificate 3 months MLCU
360-Degree Video Production Certificate 3 months MLCU

* proposed

Course Curriculum: Coming Soon

Facilities & Resources:

  • Over 7000 square feet of air-conditioned space
  • Digital as well as Virtual Classrooms
  • VR Lab with access to all VR gear such as Facebook, Oculus, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, Microsoft Mixed Reality, Microsoft HoloLens, Sony PlayStation VR, Microsoft X-Box
    Kinect, Leap Motion, 3D Scanners, Android AR Core, Apple AR Kit, Several VR Gear
  • Video Studios with green matte, professional lighting & audio recording, HD and 4K cameras and 360-degree shooting cameras and Stitching Software
  • Access to World-Class Faculty from around the globe
  • Library: Access to Books and Immertive Lab’s Online Portal with access to repository of Digital Content including Demonstrations, Tutorials, Technical Notes and Project Codes
  • Access to Anatomical Dissections, Surgical Observations
  • Real Projects to give experience done under guidance and mentorship
  • Soft Skills Training includes English Comprehension and Verbal Communication, Design Management Skills, Entrepreneurship, etc.

Expert Faculty:

  • Rajasekhar
    Foundations of Art & Design and Animation
  • Mathew Victor
    3D Graphic Design for VR
  • Pushpak
    Creating VR Environments and Architecture
  • Suresh
    Usability Design
  • Mahender Pabba
    Software Design
  • Santosh K
    Unity Programming
  • Harish Putra
    360-Degree Video Production
  • Smita Lal
    Communication Skills
  • Daaman Mehrulu
    Infographics Design