Immertive has State-of-the-Art Virtual Reality Development Lab with a wide range of VR/AR/MR and 360-degree Video equipment and Software.

Headsets available with Immertive in the VR Lab

Platforms that Immertive has expertise in

Immertive has State-of-the-Art Virtual Reality Development Lab with a wide range of VR/AR/MR and 360-degree Video equipment and Software.

  • Over 7000 square feet of air-conditioned space
  • Digital as well as Virtual Classrooms
  • VR Lab with access to all VR gear such as Facebook, Oculus, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, Microsoft Mixed Reality, Microsoft HoloLens, Sony PlayStation VR, Microsoft X-Box
    Kinect, Leap Motion, 3D Scanners, Android AR Core, Apple AR Kit, Several VR Gear
  • Video Studios with green matte, professional lighting & audio recording, HD and 4K cameras and 360-degree shooting cameras and Stitching Software
  • Access to World-Class Faculty from around the globe
  • Library: Access to Books and Immertive Lab’s Online Portal with access to repository of Digital Content including Demonstrations, Tutorials, Technical Notes and Project Codes

Head Mounted VR/AR/MRSoftwareOthers
Meta Quest ProUnity 3DRokoko Motion Capture Suit
Meta Quest 3 and Quest 2Android (AR Core)Structure Sensor 3D Scanner
Microsoft HoloLensApple (AR Kit)Leap Motion Hand Tracking
Microsoft Mixed RealityVuforiaGoPro Omni 360-degree Rig

Audio Visual Studios:

  • 2 acoustically treated air-conditioned television studios equipped with comfortable cold lighting that ensures hours of productive shooting. The studios have sophisticated video shooting equipment like Panasonic HC-X1000GC4K Broadcast cameras and Canon 5D Mark II DSR. Wireless lapel microphones and LED prompters on which the speaker’s notes or PPT slides are projected during the talk.
  • Studios are fitted with Electronic Smart Boards and video conferencing equipment.

Outdoor units

  • We have video crew that captures knowledge outside the studio like onsite shooting at University campus or other client locations, seminars, lectures, conference proceedings, workshops, etc.

360-degree Video Shooting Studios

  • Immertive has green matte studios and equipment to produce 360 degree videos through all stages – Script writing, Storyboarding, Shooting, Stitching, Editing and Post Production. We have created 360oVideos for Medical Tourism, CME programs, Workshops, Patient Education, etc.
On-site 360-degree recording of a Workshop at a Medical School

Post – Production Infrastructure:

  • High end graphic workstations, both fixed and mobile with nVidia GeForce 1080/70/60 graphics cards for 3D development, Virtual Reality and 360-video stitching.
  • Mobile computing stations for content review and validation, slides preparation, illustrations, 2D animation and sound engineering.

Faculty Training & Production Management